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To all the AMAZING TruckStop associates,

I would like to offer my sincere gratitude, to all those involved in the purchase of my 2004 GMC Sierra.   With the "all and nothing" being said (by countless Car dealerships), I found myself to be extremely fortunate, purchasing my pre-owned vehicle through your team of professionals.

On August 27, 2012....I was met by one of your sales members Jeff, with respect and a hand shake.  After just a few short minutes of knowledgable conversation from him, I expressed my concerns regarding what my monthly payments would have to be, in order for me to afford such a remarkably clean, and reliable Truck.  Up until that day on your lot, i had been searching for a truck, at several New and pre-owned car Dealerships....  I had been given the "run-around" by every Salesperson at every other lot.  It was now the perverbial "11th hour", and i was left with very little hope of finding what i wanted, and what Truck would suit my needs.    Jeff didn't bat an eyelash..... he pointed over my shoulder, at what seemed to be an endless field of four wheeled, Urban warriors and said "find one you love, and i'll put you in that truck today".
Jeff was as good as his word.   He was able to tailor the price of the Truck, my down payment, and get me financed at a lower rate than any other dealership had "promised".
From hand shake to signature(with a no hassle test drive in between).....The entire Truck buying experience only took 3hrs. I simply LOVE MY TRUCK.....and this love was fostered with the help of your (The TruckStop) Team, and its ability to purchase only the finest pre-owned vehicles.
I've put two months, and 2,600 miles on my Truck , since that first day.   All the while, I have recieved countless follow up calls from your highly skilled office staff, Jamie and Chelsea. These brief interactions let me know that no matter what, I am not just ANY customer, I am a TruckStop customer.  And will be treated as such.   I recognize the TruckStop is committed to continuing a superior level of customer service, even months later.  Thanks Guys. 
You folks have been in business, here locally for over 16 years, and now i know why..!
Again, with the "all and nothing" being promised by other Dealerships... I count myself fortunate, among the other group of people purchasing vehicles that day.
You truly are the consumate professionals, in a world of uncertainity, and a recovering economy. 
I write this email, in an attempt to help bridge the gap between Tucson car buyers looking for a great pre-owned vehicle and your team. It is with great hope, this message reaches someone looking for a great value. And, I will continue to tell my friends and neihbors about Tucsons last real hope, for a honest deal.    If there is ANYTHING I can do, to help the hardworking team over there, please feel free to call. You have my

Best regards,
Dave Bailey

Thanks for all you've done

"Just want to say thank you to The Truck Stop and their employees (Jeff and Tony). Thanks to Jeff for his hard work getting us into the vehicle we wanted. We were in and out in no time. We had a great experience and would recommend The Truck Stop to anyone. Thanks again Truck Stop for all you've done"
Willcox, AZ